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  • Маршрут: Mlynky Cave - Ternopil region - Ukraine
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    Caving in Ukraine: tours to Mlynky cave and Speleohouse

  •   Speleotrips in themselves differ from all the other types of ecotourism. A speleologist is absolutely disinterested in the qualification kilometrage of the route, which is so peculiar for the other types of orthodox sports tourism, neither he is interested in the continuity of the very thread of the route. As a rule, speleology has preserved the sports classification of worthy caves, but for true speleologists it is important only in terms of evaluating their own abilities as to the possibility of technically justified and safe penetration into a certain underground cavity. A speleologist is interested in the very cave or other signs of karst, therefore his feet are not his main way of transportation. The best transportation option is an ordinary car, sometimes a train or just a horsedrawn cart since speleological instruments increase the weight of the average rucksack by 50 or even 100%. An important peculiarity of speleology is the diversity of the examined subjects. Caves are the highest goal; however, karst crater with holes - ponors, in which one can and should look for speleological luck or mighty karst springs will not leave a real speleologist indifferent. One can pass a dozen of times along the same hackneyed route until a sudden cavity springs a speleological surprise. So many wonderful and huge cave systems have been discovered in seemingly hopeless places only due to usual perceptive faculties of a sensitive and professional eye! Nobody would deny that nowadays, on well-developed and densely populated territory no other activity is connected with real geographical discoveries that sometimes turn upside down scientific doctrines, theories and practice of the regional resources utilization. A vivid example is a huge cave system "Popelyushka" (Cinderella), which was discovered only in 1977 but we talk about it later. That is why it should be mentioned about written and non-written rules for staying in the caves, the strict observation of which will ensure the possibility to tell your grandchildren and great grandchil1 dren about the feats of your youth.
       About caving in Ternopil regoin
      Never forget that speleotourism is fairly treated as extreme types of tourism.
      - If you suffer claustrophobia, i. e. if you are scared of closed space, don't torture your body and don't try your colleagues' patience. Do not get into the cave!
      Always keep with you two independent sources of light, the resources of which are twice more than you need during your stay under the I ground. According to some experts, if the flash-light on your helmet is "black", very soon you will have black eyes.
      - Don't try the strength of the ceiling with your head: the ceiling is stone and a bit harder than your head. Always put on your helmet.
      - If you get lost in a cave, go out to the nearest intersection, sit down and wait until you are found by your friends.
      - Don't put your head into the places where your bum won't be pushed into.
      - If you get stuck in a narI row slit, lie and wait until you lose your weight.
      - - In remote sections of the labyrinth caves, check the presence of carbon dioxide and oxygen in underground air with a lit match.
      - Don't be afraid of "White Speleologist" and sound hallucinations: this is the Spirit of the cave and not schizophrenia.
      In addition here are some environmental rules:
      - Observe the general rules of environmental etiquette. Don't disturb cave's fauna: it is not interested in your company.
      - Take out from the cave only your good impressions, pictures and garbage left by previous vandals. Don't leave any traces of yours in the cave, except for your foot-prints.
      - The less you stay in the cave the better it would be for the underground environment. It should be noted that the duration of the speleological route is a very relative business: once a new interesting and promising hole appears or another obstruction in the cave is successfully has been dug through, you immediately violate the schedule or forget about its existence. If only we had more such violations!
      And now, go ahead, towards darkness!
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